"Nevermind him. My brother is always doing something like that, getting powerful students, a chance to become an Obelisk Blue Student."
—Yuzu to Frisk Dreemurr, Sans, Bastion, Jaden, and Syrus.
Yuzu Ichnose




Vellian Crowler (Brother)

Dueling Schools

Duel Academy

Duel Rank

Obelisk Blue (Teacher)

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Yuzu Ichnose (known by her maiden name: Yuzu Crowler), Professor Yuzu or Miss Yuzu is a main character of the fanfiction story The Duelist of Mt. Ebbot (formally named Frisk the Duelist). She was the Dueling Procter Frisk, dueled for her to enter Duel Academy. She doesn't have much a role, but she is a serious player, and is also the sister of Dr. Vellian Crowler.


Yuzu is respectful toward her students, even letting her students off if their late (unlike her brother), she is serious and even quiz her students while dueling, and can even grade them despite not testing, but doesn't tolerate bullying.


Yuzu has long light blonde hair, with a purple version of a Obelisk Blue uniform, a mini skirt, and long pink shoes, she wore respectfully.



Yuzu plays a Fiend deck, which focuses on her summoning monsters, destroying monsters, and even including monsters that can destroys on her field, her strongest card is her Ritual Ace Relinquished as what she calls him



Yuzu grades her students during her duels sometimes, and considers giving her students A+s if they win against her, by the facts she doesn't lose a lot, and also that she is a pretty tough duelist.

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Frisk Dreemurr Chapter 1 Lose
Don Zaloog, Raven Chapter 16 Win (with Chazz Princeton
Frisk Dreemurr Chapter 7 Lose


  • She is the first OC to be introduced in the story.