YuGiOh GX: Harmonia is a new series created by Chinatsu Kiseki and a spin-off series of the original YuGiOh GX. This series focuses on Hoshizora Yume who attends Duel Academy despite not having any dueling talent.


Meet Hoshizora Yume, an ordinary 14-year old girl who often gets bullied due to her lack of dueling talent. However, she gets invited to try out for Duel Academy. And once she tries out, she becomes a student of the academy. Now, watch as Yume's story unfurls!



  • Hoshizora Yume - The main protagonist of the series. Yume is a socially awkward and timid 14-year old girl who comes from a long line of famous duelists. However, unlike her ancestors, Yume lacks dueling talent and often gets bullied due to this. She is also a quick learner and a huge fan of Yuuki Judai. The deck she uses is the Rainbow Jewel Deck. Her catchphrases are I don't get this... and I did it!.
  • Minamino Daichi - One of Yume's classmates and her first friend. Daichi is rather clumsy and naive but he is very free-spirited and energetic. The deck he uses is the Tiny Warrior Deck. His catchphrase is Why am I so clumsy?.


  • Uchida Rin - The main antagonist of the series. Rin is a spoiled and selfish girl and finds dueling a tool of destruction. The deck she uses is the Electric Forest Deck.



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