A story about a young duelist named Shawn Yuki who is the grandson of Jaden Yuki

Season 1Edit

Episode 1 "And So It Begins..."

Summary:Shane Yuki, a young duelist, is challenged by a strange man who wants his deck. Duels:Shane vs Strange Man

Episode 2 :"The Invitation"

Summary:After The Strange Man gives Shane an invitation for a tournament at Sunset Kinngdom, Shane decides to compete along with his friends Amy and Blake. Shane's rival, Davis, enters as well.

Episode 3 "Arrival At Sunset Kingdom"

Summary:The tournament begins with Shane dueling a bird-boy and Blake dueling a child prodigy. Duels: Shane vs Aero and Blake vs Tommy

Episode 4:"Deck of Heart" Shane and Blake win their duels. Davis wins his first duel as well. Amy duels a handsome man who tries to win Amy's heart. This begins to make Shane jeaolous. Duels:Amy vs James.