Hello guys! Ahem, I am Mewtwomaster58, new to this site, so please excuse me if I mess up or something similar. This is a story I decided to write after I was inspired by a few other fanfics on this site. In this story, I will refer to the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's characters. I will also include OC's, (Own Characters) as well as some of the cards I have come up with. Unfortunatly, I will not post pictures, as I do not have any idea how to. Also, the "The pictures have to be licensed" thing confuses me greatly. If someone can explain that to me, I will post pictures. Hopefully.

Okay, I will refer to the original terms of things. For example, Duel Runner shall be referred to as D-wheel, and so on. I have always had a preference for the subbed episodes.

The September 2010 ban list of Yu-Gi-Oh! card will be used for this fanfic. I may occasionally refer to a song in our modern world. I will also put a disclaimer for those songs, if I ever do use them. Alright, that is all I have to say for now. I will type up Chapter 1 by today, if not tommorow. And I most likely type a new chapter each weekend. So enjoy! Well, after I type up Chapter 1 that is!