Chapter 1: The Trouble In Future Domino CityEdit

In Future Domino City, everyone's dueling or cheering a duelist. Others are playing or working. But a young duelist, Yuma Tsukumo is a bad boy in grade 8 class. Yuma's a happy 18-year-old boy who duels all his life. He's gonna be the next king of games. But he also has enemies with powers but since he also has powers he won't stop untill he wins against them. Today everyone's being happy especially Yuma.Todays the day! he said,"'I finally will be able to get a chance to go to Superior Duelists!"he was very excited. Then he started running. He ran so fast that his lungs pushed in and he fell to his knees. He looked around and he saw a bench. He sat on the bench and he sat down for two minutes. When he got up again he looked in the sky and saw a Motorship, the new peice of vehicle technology. Then he saw a stranger geting out of th Motorship. Then he showed his duel disk and drawed 5 cards. "I summon Blazing Phoenix in attack mode"he said. A powerful Phoenix-looking Dragon appeared. Everyone shouted in horror. "Attack!"he shouted. "Hey!" Yuma said,"don't hurt these innocent people. If you want a duel, you've got one right here"he said trying to save his city. "I accept" the stranger said with a grin on his face.

Chapter 2: Finding Yusei FudoEdit