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Template:MovieYu-Gi-Oh! The Movie Redux is a motion picture created by Keith Productions, except only this time, the storyline has completly changed. Instead of Yugi and Kaiba facing off in a duel, it's Yugi AND Kaiba. The villian is now known as Seth, the god of Destruction, not Anubis. Yugi also uses a new deck with a new ace card, Witch of Time, which was released to viewers who were watching the movie. The Pyramid of Light was also used by Seto Kaiba to stop Seth from using the god cards against them. Unlike the regular movie, this movie scored an extremely high review with 9.5/10 stars and said to be "a must watch film". It's rated PG13, and is not intended for children.


Decks FeaturedEdit

Seto KaibaEdit

Seto Kaiba's Deck

Yuugi MoutoEdit

Upon gaining the Witch of Time, he switched a few of his Cards out (Exchange and Multiply) to support the card.

Yuugi Moutou's Deck