"Yu-Gi-Oh! Mechazon" is a Yu-Gi-Oh! series that follows Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. The series introduces Unision Monsters. The series also introduces Duel Gear (also known as Duel Armor) and Duel Spirits known as Mechaduelists (also known as Mecha-D's) that partner up with other Duelists. Augmented Reality Duels are combined with the new dueling style and vehicles like Duel Runners, Duel Boards and other dueling vehicles are a part of Duel Gear. The main characters in the series is a 13-year-old boy named Demyura Zurskye and his legendary Mecha-D, Abyss.


In NHD City, the world of dueling has advanced. Now you can partner up with a Mecha-D, wear Duel Gear to kick dueling up a notch, and there are many more cards and rules when dueling! But, there is another world known as Zectania, a place where all Mecha-D's were born. In Zectania, all Mecha-D's were trained in dueling so they could later on partner up with humans and duel for fun. But in Zectania, there are 120 ultimate and powerful cards known as Mechazon Cards. Their power is beyond those of humans or Mecha-D's. Now, the cards have been scattered around NHD City, and now many humans know of these cards and are searching for them so they can use all the power Mechazons contain for themselves. But when Abyss, son of a legendary Mecha-D, comes into Earth, Demyura and Abyss must work together and find all 120 Mechazon Cards. But, there are other Mechazon Seekers that search for Mechazons as well, and Demyura and Abyss must get through them first!



Demyura Zurskye (Main Protagonist)

Abyss (Deuteragonist)

Star (Tritagonist, first appears in Chapter 25)

Samrod Chakra (Rival, later friend)

Death King (Main Antagonist)


Sarah Foster

Jack Havi

Rocko Mount

Grandma Zurskye

Breeana Zurskye

Mrs. Zurskye

List of Mechazon Cards, Mechazon Seekers, and Legendary and Superior Mecha-D'sEdit

Legendary and Superior Mecha-D'sEdit

Abyss (Demyura Legendary Mecha-D)

Hawkzer (Zarn Varon's Legendary Mecha-D)

Wando (JaredLegendary Mecha-D)

Racrilla (Legendary