As Jaden sets off to a new adventure, he follows where the wind takes him, when he realizes the adventure, he is aided by Alexis, Atticus Rhodes, Hassleberry, Syrus and Chazz.


  • Jaden Yuki (Matthew Charles) - sets off for a new adventure, with acquaintance from Yubel, Lynn Banner, Pharoah and Winged Kuriboh, and got help from Alexis, Atticus, Hassleberry, Syrus and Chazz
  • Alexis Rhodes (Priscilla Everett)
  • Atticus Rhodes (Jason Anthony Griffith) - seems to be fond of Jaden to be Alexis' true love
  • Tyranno Hassleberry (David Wills) - is glad to see Jaden again
  • Syrus Truesdale (Wayne Grayson) - seems to be mad at Jaden for leaving, in season 2, "Dance of the Pharaohs", he uses the card, "Grand Vortex", created by Julian Van Cougar, to turn evil, because Jesse got back to help Jaden and the gang out
  • Chazz Princeton (Marc Thompson) - still shows his rivalry with Jaden, and remembers his past with his previous spirit partner, Light and Darkness Dragon, when he comes home, he finds it dug out, and someone might've took it, it is revealed that it was Tyranno who took it, in 2012, he became the head of Princeton Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd, and has fallen in love with Jewel
  • Jewel Niel (Maggie Blue O'Hara) - Chazz's love interest, she has the same appearance of Kitty Pryde from X-Men Evolution, she plays a Glamour Deck
  • Yugi Muto (Dan Green) - remembers Jaden of their past duel
  • Joey Wheeler (Wayne Grayson)
  • Seto Kaiba (Eric Stuart)
  • Bastion Misawa (Eric Stuart) - returned to the real world, with armor, he now dons a Warrior/Magician/Dragon/Love Deck, because he remembered the past of the 16th century
  • Greg Bolger (Greg Berger) - the head of The Bolger and Company, he plays a Molton Deck
  • Cray (Trevor Devall) - he is an Australian, and he is a pro-duelist, and taunts Chazz all the time, he plays a Rock Deck
  • Muriel(Megan Black) - is partners with the Austrailian pro duelist, ???, she has a desiring hatred for Jewel, she plays a Harpie Lady Deck
  • ??? (Yuri Lowenthal) - a pro duelist in the Pro League championship, he has a Cedric Diggory-Harry Potter relationship with Jaden when they first met, Jewel has a crush on him


Season 1 (2011)Edit

  • Zorc Necrophades (Mike Pollock) - the main antagonist of the 2nd arc, "Necrophades' return", he realizes how Titan witnessed the Shadow Duels, so Titan was free with the Millenium Puzzle so he can duel for real Shadow Games, and Titan is declared his herald

Season 2 (2012)Edit

  • Julian Van Cougar (Cam Clarke) - the main antagonist of the 3rd Arc, "Dance of the Pharoahs", he uses a darkness to turn people on the dark side, with a card called "Grand Vortex", he gives the "Grand Vortex" so he can cause great hatred, anger and evil to emerge in order for to defeat the opponents and to use their hatreds and defeats to gain the power of the moon crystal.

Season 3 (2013)Edit

  • Trap Master (Ron Halder) - the main antagonist of the 4th arc, "Enter the Maze", where he traps Jaden and the gang in the Virtual World, he appears in the same appearance as Ron Halder's character, Sir Ram, and has the same tone as him

Season 4 (2014)Edit

  • Golden Oldies Gordon (Wayne Grayson) - the main antagonist of the 5th Arc, "Golden Oldies", his goal is to Reshape the ways of Dueling!

Season 5 (2015)Edit

  • Beka Brand (Troy Baker) - the main antagonist of the 6th Arc, "KaibaCorp Saga", he was a former employer of Chazz's father in KaibaCorp, his goal is to rule and free Tragoedia
  • Tragoedia (Mike Pollock) - the main antagonist, He was formerly a citizen of Kul Elna and survived the village's massacre, as he was not in the village when the massacre took place. This ultimately resulted in the creation of a powerful ka. He was sealed by several of the Pharaoh's priests, and reemerges in modern times by possessing the bodies of others, with his goal being the restoration of his body and revenge on the "ghosts" of the priests through the spirit cards. He uses Jesse Anderson, Axel Brodie, Adrian Gecko, Jim Crocodile Cook, Aster Phoenix and Principal MacKenzie as his hosts, he seeks Winged Kuriboh and Elemental Hero Terra Firma


Season 1:Edit

Arc 1: Pro League TournamentEdit

Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Plot Duels
1 Amzing Tides Turned As Jaden continues to follow where the wind leads him and it's revealed to be Domino City, he heads out to see his parents' house, they talk about Chazz, Alexis, Syrus, Hassleberry, Atticus, Blair, Crowler and Sheppard on that note they sent him. Jaden thinks he might see them again, he might hang around with them, he bids his parents goodbye and first meets up with Alexis and Atticus, he then meets Hassleberry, and then gets in a duel with Chazz, who thinks that it was Jaden who robbed his Light and Darkness Dragon, and Syrus was rooting for Chazz, though in the end, Zane stood in the way. Jaden vs Chazz, no result
2 ??? Zane talks to Jaden that Syrus was mad at him for leaving him when he needed him the most, so Jaden apologized, and they become friends again, closely. Then Seto Kaiba announces a Pro League Tournament on whoever duels Aster, the current champion after defeating the D.
3 Grand Turnament Parade Charade!

Jaden, Chazz, Alexis, Atticus, Syrus and Hassleberry have signed for the World Grand Tournament, as they meet Duke Devlin, Joey Wheeler, Horus Princeton, Bandit Keith, Zane and Aster in the game, as they race for the $400,000, and to duel Yugi, the current King of Games. Here is the Dueling Tree:

  • Jaden Yuki vs Duke Devlin
  • Chazz Princeton vs Bandit Keith
  • Syrus Truesdale vs Cray
  • Atticus Rhodes vs Muriel
  • Alexis Rhodes vs Zane Truesdale
  • Tyranno Hassleberry vs Jewel Niel
  • ??? vs Mako Tsunami
4 Exam 66 (Part 1 of 2) Jaden is the first contestant, as he duels Duke Devlin. Jaden vs Duke
5 Exam 66 (Part 2 of 2) Jaden has to find a way to defeat Duke's Six Samurai. Jaden vs Duke, Jaden wins
6 Chazz's Old Frenemie (Part 1 of 2) Chazz and Zane duel as they remember their past in Chazz's Duel Exam in 2007. Chazz vs Zane (Present), Chazz vs Zane (Past)
7 Chazz's old Frenemie (Part 2 of 2) Chazz and Zane's past continues as well as their duel. Chazz vs Zane (Present), Chazz wins, Chazz vs Zane (Past), Chazz wins
8 Syrus Syrus duels against Bandit Keith, who is keeping him busy while his boys are stealing the $400,000. Syrus vs Bandit Keith, Syrus wins after Keith's plan was exposed by Jaden
9 Atticus Vs. Horus (Part 1 of 2) Atticus duels Horus in a little battle. Atticus vs Horus
10 Atticus Vs. Horus (Part 2 of 2) Atticus struggles to survive to duel against Horace, but is slowly overpowered by the might of Horus' Lightpulsar Dragon, but a shocking ending has happened to Atticus. Atticus vs Horus, Horus wins
11 Beauty's Charm Alexis, cheered up by Jaden after Horus defeated Atticus, duels Joey Wheeler. Alexis vs Joey, Alexis wins
12 Dragon's Bane Hassleberry, worried that Chazz may kill him for digging out his Light and Darkness Dragon, duels Aster in the next round, though Hassleberry dosen't know if he can spill the truth to Chazz. Hassleberry vs Aster, Aster wins
13 Storm Blowers

Jaden has beaten Duke, Chazz has beaten Zane, Syrus has beaten Keith, Horus has beaten Atticus, Alexis has beaten Joey and Aster has beaten Hassleberry, now here is the new Duel Tree:

  • Aster vs Horus
  • Alexis vs Chazz
  • Jayden vs Syrus
Horus beats Aster
14 Game on Dragons Horus duels Aster, with his dragons against his Destiny End Dragoon. Aster vs Horus, Horus wins
15 New Ways of Old Friends! Jaden and Syrus, for the best of friendships. Jaden vs Syrus
16 Arrogance of Alexis Alexis wants to duel Horus for revenge on Atticus' defeat, and Chazz wants to duel his own father, either of them win get a chance to duel Horus. Alexis vs Chazz, Chazz wins
17 3 Down It's down to the last 3, Jaden, Chazz and Horus, though one duelist has to duel one before dueling another. In the end, Chazz is the winner, and he picks Horus.
18 Puzzle of Horus (Part 1 of 2) Chazz gets to duel his own father, as he attempts to beat his dragons. Chazz vs Horus
19 Puzzle of Horus (Part 2 of 2) Chazz finally uses his Light and Darkness Dragon against his own father. Chazz vs Horus, Chazz wins
20 Game on (Part 1 of 3) Chazz has defeated his father, as he and Jaden have made it the final 2, and either one can duel Yugi Muto, the King of Games himself. Jaden vs Chazz
21 Game on  (Part 2 of 3) Jaden and Chazz have tricks up their sleeves on each other. Jaden vs Chazz
22 Game on  (Part 3 of 3) Jaden has summoned Elemental Hero Terra Firma, and Chazz has summoned Light and Darkness Dragon, when they attacked, a suprise ending has happened. Jaden vs Chazz, draw
23 Legends (Part 1 of 4) Jaden and Chazz have tied, so they both duel against Yugi, with Joey by his side in Tag-Team Duel as a tie-breaker. Jaden and Chazz vs Yugi and Joey
24 Legends (Part 2 of 4) Jaden and Chazz have to find a way to defeat both Yugi and Joey's fusion monsters, Dark Flare Knight and the B. Skull Dragon. Jaden and Chazz vs Yugi and Joey
25 Legends (Part 3 of 4) When Jaden and Chazz have defeated both fusion monsters, they have to find one way to defeat some most powerful monsters Yugi has. Jaden and Chazz vs Yugi and Joey
26 Legends: (Part 4 of 4) Jaden and Chazz use some of their monsters to defeat Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon and the Winged Dragon of Ra. Jaden and Chazz vs Yugi and Joey, Jaden and Chazz won

Arc 2: AftermathEdit

Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Plot Duels
27 Moonstones

Season 2:Edit

Arc 3: Dance of the PharaohsEdit

Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Plot Duels