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General InformationEdit

Genre: Action/Adventure/Supernatural
Time Setting: 88 years post-YGO GX, 2 years prior to YGO 5D's.
Place Setting: Neo Domino City
Author: Storymasterb (under penname Digidramon on

Plot SynopsisEdit

(This synopsis covers events only until the end of Chapter 2 of the fic, in order not to spoil anyone reading on, primarily Psychid45.)
Eighteen year-old Julian Mikuro is a resident of the Tops district, Neo Domino City, two years prior to the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (Fortune Cup and Dark Signer arcs). Awaiting the return of his friends Drago Yuki, Milo Kawasaki and Kelsey Asagi from their various responsibilties around the city, Julian waits on a park bench, before meeting Drago, who arrives earlier than their other friends. The two enter a debate regarding Julian's protective nature towards Kelsey, including the point of when protection becomes overprotection. Diverging from the subject, Drago challenges Julian to a Duel, which he accepts.Despite being hard-pressed by Drago's powerful Evil Hero Deck, Julian is able to prevail with his Flamvell cards. After his victory, the two continue their debate, with Drago pointing out that you have to let people be free. Julian replies simply that he doesn't want Kelsey to get hurt, with Drago reassuring him that Kelsey can take the things they do each night...

Security officer Milo Kawasaki, another of Julian's friends, finsihes his disciplinary duties at the Public Security Maintenance Bureau headquarters, and after a conversation with his captain regarding the need to exercise restraint, he leaves to join Julian. On the way, he encounters a thief robbing a baker's shop, and enters into an imposed Riding Duel to try and defeat them. Despite putting up a powerful battle with his Gladiator Beast Deck, Milo is defeated by the mysterious Kisara and her Six Samurai following a devastating triple attack of Six Samurai Irou and Zanji, and Great Shogun Shien. The two briefly discuss the things they gleaned about each other through the mysterious concept of the 'world of speed', before Kisara departs, leaving Milo to wait for his D-Wheel to come out of its post-loss lockdown and ponder his strange opponent...



Main Protagonists: Julian Mikuro, Drago Yuki, Milo Kawasaki, Kelsey Asagi
Main Antagonists: ?
Minor Characters: April Mikuro, Security Captain