It's been 8 years after the events of the 1st series, they've all moved on, though Yusei has been suffering nightmares from being defeated by a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which is used by Seto Kaiba's son, then Yusei starts to fail being a great duelist, and now Akiza, Leo, Luna, Crow and Jack have to get him back in the game so he can become strong again in defeating Seto Kaiba, Jr.


  • Yusei Fudo (Greg Abbey)
  • Akiza Izinski (Bella Hudson)
  • Leo (Jimmy Zoppi)
  • Luna (Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
  • Crow Hogan (Ty Olson)
  • Jack Atlas (Ted Lewis)
  • Seto Kaiba, Sr. (Gary Cole) - retired from dueling after 42 years, he is now 59 years old, and still renting about his wife, Serenity's pass away
  • Veruka Pelt (Rebecca Soler) - Jack's love interest
  • Pat Hogan (Rachel Lillis) - Crow's wife
  • Patty (Lisa Ortiz) - Luna's best friend
  • Bob (Jason Anthony Griffith) - one of Leo's 2 best friends
  • Dexter (Pete Capella) - one of Leo's 2 best friends
  • Chazz Princeton, Sr. (Marc Thompson) - the head of Princeton Digital Corp
  • Chazz Princeton, Jr. (Tony Anselmo) - Chazz's son

Main AntagonistsEdit

Season 1 (2039)Edit

  • Seto Kaiba, Jr. (Eric Stuart) - the main antagonist of the 1st Arc, "Storm Waves", he had became corrupted with the power of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon