Chapter 1: The Kings of Games, Yagi, Jaden, Yusei, and Yuma!Edit

Yagi's POV

I know what you're thinking, that who's Yagi Atto? Well, when Pharoh Yami Atem went back to his world, the Millenium Puzzle was too used to Yugi and Yami together so it fused those two to become me, Yagi Atto and because of that I also got the powers of the Egyptian God Cards. Ok so let's see my POV:

Well, I just woke up and I'm getting ready for school and I'm not late at all ( I'm not that guy that sleeps over, you know). Ok so I'm ready and I'm going to school and I'm starting my hover arena car, a duel arena that can drive like a hover and/or a car. And of course it is used for dueling.*Arrives at school*. Okay so I'm here and just looking around at all the people that are dueling!

Huh? *Looks up at the sky and sees a huge hover arena car*. Ok this is weird I'll catch up on you guys later.

Jaden's POV

Hey guys! I'm Jaden Yuki. Many of you heard that I have the powers of Yubel and The Supreme King and that's very true. For those of you that don't know how I got their powers is because I once had Yubel as a duel monsters card when I was young. But whenever I used to duel some using Yubel, my opponent fainted. So I sent her away but she kept coming after me in my dreams. So when I got older Yubel came back to me and she had become alive and she put a power in me and it was the power of The Supreme King. So when I defeated her she became nice and became my power just like The Supreme King! Now let's look at my POV:

  • Yawns, looks at the time, relaxes, and takes a deep breath*. I guess it's one of those days that I'm not late! Finally, another day like that.