this is a story about a slave girl. does have little yaoi.

yugi: why am i yugner than i really am in these stories?

'cause i make it that way im the autheor

yami: its author, and big deal.

rock paper shotgun on who does disclamer

yami and yugi: no

yami: you do it miss. "im-the-author"



Rioku watched her younger twins carry baskets and sighed. The wounds on her back reminded he of what had happened when she had first become a slave. She shook away the memories of being beaten to protect her brother and sister.


There was a cry out in eastern egypt, and Rioku, a young 13 year old girl, landed with a thud against the wall of her masters home. she spat at a man towering over her and a foot connected with her side. doubling over, RIoku gasped for air. she looked up to find the man grabbing a little spicky haired boy by his hair. "no." she groaned, standing up. with what energy she had left, she flung herself onto his back. "You cannot hurt them!" Rioku growled, her sharp teeth digging into his arm. He howled with pain and once again she was flung against the wall.

end flashback

Rioku shivered at the memory of those following nights. she watched the people walk by. Suddenly, Rioku had a horrible thought come to mind. Wasn't tax day two days after tommorow?

A young man dressed in a white outfit with a blue cape watched his people from a window. There was a knock on the door and he sighed. "Come in." 'do i get no privacy?' he thought. A tall man with similar clothing, a tall, blue hat, and brown hair walked in the room. "Ah, there you are, Yami" the so called, yami sighed and leaned on the wall. "What do you want, Seth?" The so called Seth, smiled slightly, and wrapped an arm around yami. "cousin, you 1. need to return to the meeting, and 2. you need someting, what you'll never guess."

Yami, stepped away from Seth and looked him in the eyes. "what do i need?" he asked, his cheeks flushing.

"It's simple. Companionship." Seth said simply.

"SETO!" Yami yelped. "SERIOUSLY!"

Seth shrugged, turning away, but stopped. "Tax day is three days from now, make your desicion by then." he said before leaving.