Seireitou is the top duelist in the world, beating even the great Yugi Motou in a duel. Everyone wants a crack at him but they all lose eventually. It is known that Seireitou has never lost a duel, ever. He possesses the 3 eygyptian god cards which he obtained through dueling Yugi Motou and the 3 sacred beasts, which he found in the duel monster dimension. He plays a elemental hero/crystal beast/Destiny hero deck, however, alot about his deck hasnt been revealed.

He appears to be Pharoh Atem's older brother's reincarnation. It appears he died before acending to the throne and is the true heir to the eygyption god cards.


He appears to possess the following legendary cards:

Crystal Beast CardsEdit

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle

Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat

Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth

Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle

Crystal Beast Emerald Turtle

Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger

Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus

Elemental Hero CardsEdit

Elemental Hero Avian

Elemental Hero Bustinatrix

Elemental Hero Sparkman

Elemental Hero Clayman

Elemental Hero Wildheart

Elemental Hero Bladegde

Elemental Hero Flash

Destiny Hero CardsEdit