What is This For?

Right then, this is an area for RP section or for ANY character that wants a deck. Obviously, everyone wants all the legendary cards. But, seriously, get real. We obviously need to limit down the legendary cards to each user and to how many can be made. If any cards are connected to the legendary card, that card is acquired to you and does not count to the limit of legendary cards.

So, it's a good thing that everyone who wants a Legendary Card that they know, they sign-up here. If it's taken, well, too bad for you. Plus, legendary card is limited to 3 per user, no exceptions.

At the bottom of the list that's shown, you will write down what legendary card that you want, and sign your name next to it. In the list that's shown, it will give out the legendary card name. With that card name, you're able to acquire any other card that's connected to the card that you want.

Cards that might be signed up for are cards that are only one-timer, or are quite rare itself. They may also be of something specialty, but, you'll find out when you view the list below. Some legendary cards can be acquired by two people.

The List


Sign-Up Area