Note: This is my first fanfiction and also my first wiki post

The charactors are all of my own creation as our the custom cards which shall be featured. OCG/TCG cards will turn up for the first few chapters.

This will possibly end up as a series but I cannot confirm that just yet.

The story begins with Michel Ryo, a new arrival to Chimera City, "The City of Endeavours". In a life threatening duel he is saved by a strange divine entity known as the "Solar Gaurdian". With his life saved, the solar guardian informs him of the dangers ahead, The Banishers. From there on dark pasts and hidden truths are uncovered as Michel along with the help of his closest friend Cole Viceman who he unexpectedly runs into on the way to Chimera City. Along the way the two encounter four others who will assist them in their journey, the couple Bruno Sabastian and Lucy Farlight, along with the two sisters Sylvia Roseburg and Chloe Roseburg.

During their journey they encounter what can only be described as a living demon, Lucifer Imorses. He is driven towards his goal is not about to let some rebleous teenagers get in his way. Will they be able to overcome the oncomming storm?


Chapter Description
Chapter 1: Time to Go

The begining of the journey for both Michel Ryo and his friend Cole Viceman, as they meet of the ship bound for Chimera city.

Chapter 2: Enter the Un-known With both Cole and Michel having arirved in Chimera city, they along with all of the other passengers must now face their initiation duel. With a strange vision Michel has and the current solar flares, Michel soon faces a fight for his life.
Chapter 3: The divine Warrior Continuing from where chapter 2 left off, Michel is currently locked into a duel with the corrupt AI program. It is here the mysterious warrior makes his appearence.
Chapter 4: Past Regrets Strange events begin to unfold as Michel has a chance to confront the warrior, while also trying to keep himself together as events from his past bring about doubts. It is safe to say that Michel is in for an emotional rollercoaster.
Chapter 5: The Death Dancer With a lone vigilante roaming the streets of Chimera city, the mayor entrusts Michel with the task of aiding Bruno Sebastian in bringing them to justice. Just what has Michel got himself into?

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