the Lancelot Duelist Institute (LDI) has two dormitory teachers, six professors, three sport coaches, and one Chairman.

Professors and Dorm MastersEdit

  • Chairman Kaliso, the former military engineer signed a agreement to host the boarding institute, the LDI
  • Anyito Serabon, Female Knighthood dorm master whose parents were killed berserkers and was adopted by Kor to help him run the LDI female quarter and also the professor of trap deflection and reflection in which the goal is to find weaknesses to every inch of trap cards
  • Valor Nuntimue, a tireless yet hyper intelligent alchemist known for the artifical intelligent transgentic experimental security program, Eon as well as the Male Knighthood dorm master and spell alchemy professor in which spell alchemy's goal is to maintain effects of spell by the knowledge of alchemy.
  • Yen Von Lonnoe, the geometry and mathematic tactic professor of LDI teaches the Excalibur summoning in mathematical ways and geometical ways of Peon Token tributing. his “paranoid” attributes were cause by a psychotic fear of losing in duels.
  • Dr. Ceilus Prescott, the strategist science professor who teaches how to read the mind of the opponent's hand and every move. the Docter is a German medical officer during world war II turned United States Medical Researcher.
  • Hinfarsi Scarritina, the masqueraded vigilante professor in Excalibur Speed, which teaches the speed and agility of playing Excalibur Monsters. his proud gentleman manner makes him a defending champion of LDI.
  • Nedalitae waynwoint, the ultimate kaiser of “purging separatist” teaches Javalin Technique, which is a way to improve your offensive defense. Negalitae is a headstong guerilla tactician who reaches his primary achievement by assassination.
  • Igliak Fenixios, one of the Kor's closest hardheaded rival and friend who is the professor of Peon control, which allow students to perform multiple perfect hits which using or tributing Peon tokens. Igliak is the chinese attribute of the radioactive sun.
  • Xewkass Latviaanio, a answer to Kor's core ability of mission priority targeting, the core subject Kor the wise use to teach students to focus on inflicting damage on the opponent. Xewkass has a influential durability because he's like bulky and huge.
  • Coach Ungoyyical Mondralor, a basketball coach helps students while during physical action, that passing means tag teaming and shooting the ball into the basket means your primary target. Ungoyyical has become a real star back at his days as a pro.
  • Coach Perciwain Theron, a tennis coach headstong and lone wolf classification helps students while thier physical activities to know that taking turn is how thinking a strategy works. Perciwain made his journey to glory and victory as a "lone wolf".
  • Coach Javaton Backeonal, a baseball coach has a high tension for winning a championship no matter what and during physical action, baseball helps students hit the target while keeping eye on your objective. Javaton tension is very interesting the Kor use his for mission priority ideal mechanism.