Izumi Shmanaka
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Izumi Shimanaka


August 3rd


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A boy lost in time, Izumi Shimanaka is a central protagonist in the "Yu-Gi-Oh! Timeward" series. Due to a little known fact of skipping forward in time, he often called "old man", the only real purpose to puprosely aggrevate him. He is best known for is discontent for Synchros and "their unorthodoxed" way of being summoned.


Izumi was known in his previous present as a headstrong and valient boy to few and himself. To many others though, they felt he was simply a idiot. Being headstrong, also came with being slightly rash, not thinking about the consequences until he's too deep in a situation. This has calmed down slightly once he fell into the future of the dueling world, though his diaogue has stayed the same, being wild and vulgar. He was always loyal to any friend he made, whether it was short term or long. This is especially shown during his younger years, when he fights for the sake of his friends and those who he saw in trouble, thus often playing the role of "hero". This has stemmed from the lonliness he experienced growing up, eventually these actions hiding his sad desire for love and companionship. A problem of his though, is his sporadic episodes of cockiness usually from being the center of attention after managing a feat, usually being large. These episodes tend to be short or long depending on the situation. Though like every person, he duels, but also has a very artistic side, gaining him entry as a temporary card creator for Industrial Illusions, in the Japan office as well as various commissions for KaibaCorp.