NOTE: (Over at another wiki, me and Darknesslover5000 (a.k.a. Ahatake) decided to duel over our real cards. This is pretty much your first example of what a duel SHOULD really look like)

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Duel Start! Edit

Two people were standing on a platform, Duel Disks on their arms.

One was a 15 year old boy with black hair tinged with red.

"Heh, haven't seen you in awhile..." Seinin muttered as he shuffled his deck. "Make it a good one, will ya?" Seinin puts it in his deck and thrusts out his duel disk. Drawing 5 cards, he declares with a shout. "DUEL!"

"I'll make the first move! Draw!" Seinin immediately picks up the first card on the top of his deck.

Seinin watches over his hand carefully. "Alright, I activate Pot of Greed! Drawing 2 cards from my deck! And then I'll set a monster. Next, I'll place two facedowns and I end my turn!"

Ahatake grinned. "Trust me, it'll be fun!" He drew his own card.

"I place 3 facedowns, and I play Yami in the Field Card Zone!" He said and the field was enveloped in darkness, with crackling red lighting. He grinned.

"Next I play Storming Wynn in attack mode! Due to my Field Card, storming Wynn's attack increases by 200 hundred points!"

Storming Wynn's attack went from 800 to 1000.

"Now attack!" The woman raised her scepter and sent a blast of wind at the face-down monster.

The face-down monster flips, and out comes Twin-Shield Defender.

"Heh, useless attacking a defensive monster with just 1000 ATK, how careless. You lose 600 LP as a result because its DEF is 1600." Seinin smirks.

Ahatake scowled. "What a waste. I end my turn."

"It's my move!" Seinin shouts and he draws. Seinin looks at the surrounding around him and he smirks. "Nice field spell, Ahatake. But seriously, it's not really going to help you for a long time." Seinin said as he places one facedown. "That's all..."

Ahatake his next card and played it as soon as he drew it.

"I play one monster face down and activate a trap card, Gift of the Mystical Elf!" A Blue skinned woman appeared and Ahatake glowed bright purple, his life points being restored to it's former 8000. "Then I activate Compulsory Evacuation Device!" He pointed at Twin-Shield Defender. "I send that monster back to your hand." The monster vanished in a burst of red light and Ahatake grinned. "Now Wynn! Attack him with an attack strength of 1000!" The monster obeyed, raising it's scepter and sending a blast of wind Seinin's way.

"Nice try, but I activate my trap!" Seinin then presses a button and a facedown card was brought up. "Defense Draw!" The card itself suddenly lightens. The blast of wind that was going towards Seinin's direction was suddenly absorbed by some invisible shield. "Thanks to this trap card, all battle damage from your attack is reduced to 0. And I can draw one card from my hand." Seinin smirks as he draws the card.

Ahatake scowled as he ended his turn. Even Wynn looked upset.

Seinin grunts as he draws his card. He curiously looks at the 6 cards that were in his hand. "Feh, not the type of card that I had wanted to draw...but if I do draw it, then you should start frowning." Seinin mutters as he sets a monster into the field. "Turn End."

Ahatake drew his card and grinned, playing it as soon as he drew it. "I activate pot of greed, allowing me to draw two more cards. And I play those two cards face down. Next I Set one monster. Turn End."

"Not attacking, you're that cautious, eh?" Seinin raises one side of his mouth into a smile as he thrusts out a card from the top of his deck. "I place 1 facedown and then I set another monster, that's it..." Seinin then thought up of an idea. "You know...if the facedowns are such a trouble, why can't you destroy them? It's a lot easier than you think."

"He...He can't possibly have them?? Can he?" Ahatake thought at he drew his next card. "Or was that comment a tip for me?" "I play one card face down and end my turn."

"My turn!" Seinin shouted as he draws. He looks at the card he drew and he widens his eyes at the card. "Heh, perfect...but I'll wait later." Seinin exclaims as he mixes the card into the rest of his hand. "I set another monster and I end my turn."

"What is he doing?" Ahatake thought. "Almost like he's waiting for something. "I activate the trap card Metalmorph and equip it to my Storming Wynn." The Woman's attack grew by 500, and her scepter became a shining metal version. "Now Wynn...ATTACK!" He cried and the woman raised her scepter again, sending a blast of screeching sound at the monster to the far left.

The card flipped and Quillbolt Hedgehog was destroyed. A blast of smoke hits Seinin as he braces himself. Exactly as planned... Seinin thought as he puts down his arms and he smirks. "Got anymore, then? 'Cause you have one turn until I start to wipe out your field."

"Until you what?" Ahatake asked, his voice ringing throughout the area.

Seinin smirks and he crosses his arms. "You heard me...gonna end your turn then?"

Ahatake growled. "Turn End."

"Heh, get ready then!" Seinin shouted as he draws a card from the top of his deck. He looks at the card he drew and he smirks. "I summon out Junk Synchron out to the field!" Seinin shouted as he places the monster into the duel disk. A cute looking orange plated machine comes out to the field, just spreading out his hands. ATK/1300 Lvl 3.

Ahatake grinned widely. "You just triggered my trap card! Torrential Tribute!" He flipped it up, and a blast of blue crystals erupted onto the field, destroying every monster on the field.

"Congratulations, you just made your situation a LOT worse." Seinin smirks as he presses a button on his duel disk. "I activate the trap, Starlight Road!" The trap card suddenly appears from the facedown and it lightens. Suddenly, a blast of glittering white light blocks the blue crystals, immediately vaporizing once into contact. "Thanks to this trap card, if you destroy more than two of my cards from an opponent card effect, I can negate that card and destroy that card!" Seinin smirks as he watches Torrential Tribute wither away.

Just when Ahatake was about to be disappointed, Seinin was about to disappoint him more. "The card effect is still not done yet, I activate its second effect. With this trap card, I'm able to special summon out one specific monster from my Extra Deck." Suddenly, a blast of white wind erupts from behind Seinin. The energy of the wind was so powerful, it seemed to startle Ahatake.

"STARDUST DRAGON, Let's go!!!" Seinin shouted as he thrusts his hand up. The white wind withers away by a huge dragon roar. A white, and beautiful glittering dragon twinkles like a star. It comes out to the field and it blasts out another roar at Ahatake.

"It''s not possible.." Ahatake stood there, shocked. One of the cards that could crumble his deck was standing before him.

"You're about to get some more surprises! Now I flip summon one of my set monsters, Twin-Shield Defender!" DEF/1600 Lvl 4. "Now I activate my facedown trap card, Miniaturize! With this trap card, I'm able to decrease the ATK of one monster by 1000! Plus, I can Decrease the Level of one monster by one! I choose Junk Synchron!" ATK/300 Lvl 2.

"You're now wondering of why I'm doing that, watch this!" Seinin suddenly thrusts up his hand and Junk Synchron suddenly pulls a trigger that was on his machine. Suddenly, Junk Synchron disperses and turns into two bright stars. The bright stars then turns into green circles and surrounds Twin-Shield Defender and Quillbolt Hedgehog. Right when the two monsters were surrounded by the green circles, the two monsters then suddenly disappeared and turn into bright stars as the same level. 4 stars and 2 stars, all lined up on the green circle, 6 stars in the green circles.

"I tune Junk Synchron with Twin-Sword Defender and Quillbolt Hedgehog to Synchro Summon..." A sudden blast of light suddenly strikes through the six stars and the green circles. "RED DRAGON ARCHFIEND!"

A huge red dragon suddenly comes out into the field, glaring right at Ahatake's opposing field. ATK/3000. "I'm not done yet! I activate the equip spell from my hand, Junk Barrage!" Seinin shouted as he places the card right in his duel disk. The dragon's arm suddenly glows red. "Now then, I activate the spell card, Release Restraint Wave!"

Seinin activates the card, and his duel disk suddenly sparked. The spell card itself suddenly shows in the middle of the field. "Thanks to this spell card, if I destroy one equip spell card..." The Dragon's arm suddenly stopped glowing and it disperses. "...I can destroy all face-down spells and trap cards that you have on the field!" Seinin shouted as he thrusts out his hand.

Ahatake's eyes widened in horror as his weapons of destruction were wiped from the field. " traps.."

"Now then, get ready!" The two dragons suddenly roars at Ahatake. "Red Dragon Archfiend, attack that facedown!" Seinin shouted. Red Dragon seemed to gulp of something, and then, it charges right at the facedown, with its arms fiery golden. "Thanks to Red Dragon Archfiend's effect, when I attack a defense position monster, it destroys every other defense monsters!" Seinin shouted as Red Dragon Archfiend thrusts its arm right at the facedown. The two facedown monsters were immediately destroyed right when the dragon makes contact with the ground. The destruction was complete annihilation, a blast of smoke rushes at Ahatake.

"Now, Stardust Dragon, attack with Cosmic Flare!" Seinin shouted as Stardust Dragon opens up its mouth. A white blast of energy escapes from its mouth and blasts at Storming Wynn. Without the aid of trap or spell cards, Wynn is completely obliterated by the white blast, and part of the dragon's power hits Ahatake. 8000LP -> 7000LP

"I end my turn..." Seinin calmly talks as the two dragons returns to its position. "I hope you have an ace up your sleeve, because you need to step up your game."

A Desperate Situation Edit

Ahatake scowled as he drew his card, but then his eyes widened. How could he draw the card he needed at JUST the right time? He grinned. "I play D.D. Warrior Lady in attack mode!" He said and a woman in black clothing with a white blade appeared, ready to do battle. "Next I play Soul Taker!" Ahatake said and Red Dragon Archfiend's soul seeped out and it was destroyed. "Now you gain 1,000 life points. Now D.D. Warrior Lady Attack that dragon!" THe woman charged in and stabbed the dragon.

Seinin grunted as he saw his Red Dragon Archfiend withered away, but, he didn't want his own Stardust Dragon to be destroyed. "Not so fast, I activate the trap, Scrap-Iron Scarecrow!" A face-down card suddenly rises and a metal scarecrow stick with a pilot helmet comes out. It negates the D.D. Warrior Lady's attack, and rendered it useless. "Thanks to this card, I can block an attack, and re-set this card back to the field." Seinin explained as the card went face down.

Ahatake frowned. "Fine. Turn end."

Seinin draws a card from his deck and he looks at it. Well...he took out my Red Dragon Archfiend...but, it won't help. He has no facedowns on his side of the field, making this the best card for this event. Seinin thought as he curves his lips up. "I activate a spell from my hand, Synchro Blast Wave!"

Stardust Dragon suddenly moves his whole body and does a roar. "Thanks to this spell card, if I have a synchro monster on my side of the field, I'm able to destroy one monster!" Seinin shouted as he points at D.D. Warrior Lady. Right when he points it, Stardust Dragon sends out a sonic wave right from both of its wing, immediately destroying D.D. Warrior Lady.

"Now that that's out of the way, I activate the equip spell, Fighting Spirit!" Seinin shouted as he launches a card into his duel disk. Suddenly, Stardust Dragon was surrounded by an aura of fire. "Thanks to this equip spell, Stardust Dragon's ATK is increased by 300!" ATK/2500 -> 2800

"Now then, Stardust Dragon, attack Ahatake with Cosmic Flare!" Seinin shouted as he thrusts up his hand again. The dragon holds back its neck, and blasts out a huge, white, and pure energy right at Ahatake.

Ahatake scowled. There went his monster.

Well, Ahatake has other things to worry about now.


The white energy blasts Ahatake. Although Ahatake may have not felt it right away, in less than a second, every part of his body felt huge aches of pain. Facing the blast of the dragon for a few sceonds, Ahatake is blasted and toppled a few feet from the ground. Ahatake was left sprawled in the floor, struggling to get up. 6000LP -> 3200LP

"I end my're up..." Seinin said as he crosses his arm. "You alright?"

"Oh yeah, just gimme a second." Ahatake growled, drawing his card. "Yes! Just what I needed!" "I play this face down and end my turn."

"Pathetic, ready for another blast? Stardust Dragon, attack with Cosmic Flare!" Seinin shouted as he thrusts up his hand. Stardust Dragon once again attacks with another white blast at Ahatake.

"You triggered my trap card!" Ahatake cried, raising his hand up. "Waboku!" A monk with a red crystal appeared and absorbed the blast of energy. "I take no damage from any attacks whatsoever this turn!" He said triumphantly.

"Heh...finally, something to do that can protect?" Seinin said as he places one set monster into the field. "Do you seriously think that you can still last? I end my turn with one set monster. If you can somehow turn back with a good combo, then do so, and pull off something amazing! Your go!"

Near the Edge, a Hopeful Comeback Edit

Ahatake drew his next card. "Heart of the Cards, don't let me down." He drew it and gasped in relief. "I play the Spell Card, Swords of Revealing Light!" He cried, and swords shot down all around Seinin's field. He grinned as he played two cards facedown. "With three turns to stall, I end my turn."

"That gives me three turns to prepare then!" Seinin shouted as he drew a card. He contracts his eyes as he curves the card to look at it. "Hmph, I pass."

Ahatake drew his card and immediately played it in face-down defense position. "I set one card facedown. And end my turn."

He's preparing his field, I can't let him! Seinin thought as he draws the card. He looks at it and contracts his eyes. Well...there's no way I can use this, unless if he's going to go against offensive all of a sudden. Well, it wouldn't matter anyways, I'm going to beat him no matter what!

"I place one facedown, and end my turn!" Seinin shouted. One facedown card appears in light. "Your move."

Ahatake drew one card. "I end my turn."

One more turn... Seinin thought. He grunts as he decreases one less card from his deck. He looks at the card he drew his mind suddenly start to race. So many combos were running through his head, he could actually end it by next turn! Just probably!

"I pass..." Seinin mutters as the three bright swords disappear from his field. "Better open up your combo now, make an incredible comeback that I should be pleased of!"

Ahatake laughed as he drew his next card. "So sorry to disappoint you but I end my turn."

"Then you must be stalling!" Seinin shouted as he drew his card. "And if you won't do anything, then I'll do something! Stardust Dragon, attack that facedown with Cosmic Flare!" Seinin shouted. Just when he authorized the command, the dragon blasts out another white energy at the set monster.

"I activate my trap card! Sakuretsu Armor!" He cried, suit of armor appearing and reflecting the light at the dragon. "DIE!"

"I activate Stardust Dragon's effect, by sacrificing Stardust Dragon, I can negate your Sakuretsu Armor and it destroys the trap card!" Seinin shouted as he watches his Stardust dissipate into thin air.

"Shit monkeys!" Ahatake hissed, watching his his trap card was rendered useless.

Seinin smiled as he watches Ahatake swear with his trap card disappeared. But, because Stardust sacrificed, Seinin's own equip spell disappeared as well. "Maybe that attack wasn't just worth it..." Seinin muttered. But it's too late anyways, even if he destroys my Stardust, I still have a sneak attack that'll work against him!

"I end my turn!" Seinin shouted. Just when he declared it, a blue warphole comes out of nowhere. "And because of Stardust Dragon's ability, I can now bring him back to the field!" The white beast comes out with a shine and releases the bright stars by thrusting out both of its wings. ATK/2500

Ahatake scowled as he drew his next card and threw it on the field. "Sword's of Concealing Light!" He cried and dark swords fell down on Seinin's side of the field and it was shrouded in darkness as his face-up monsters were turned facedown. He grinned.

This must be cheap play, he's seriously stalling! Seinin thought as he saw his Stardust suddenly turn into a face-down set monster. "Curses, you can't keep this up forever, ya know!" Seinin shouted as he drew his card. He looks at it and smiles.

"I activate the spell card, Mystical Space Typhoon! With this spell card, I'm able to destroy any spell & trap card that you have on the field. And what's better than to destroy that Swords of Concealing Light!" Seinin shouted. Just as he shouted out for it, the spell card was destroyed into a thousand of fragments.

"And now, I flip out my set monster, Stardust Dragon!" Seinin shouted. The set monster in front of him suddenly blasts out an energy of wind and the white beats emerges fantastically with another gigantic roar. "Stardust Dragon, attack that facedown again! Cosmic Flare!" Seinin shouted as he points at the set monster. Just when he shouts out the command, Stardust Dragon arches back its head and blasts out a white energy from his mouth, aiming for the facedown.

Ahatake scowled as his Fox Fire was blown to smithereens. "Anything else?"

"Heh, you're move..." Seinin said. "Make the best of it..."

Ahatake drew his card and played it in face-down defense postion. Then he lay two cards face down. With the remaining two in his hand he cried. "I activate the magic of Card Destruction!" Both their hands were blown away completely, sent to the discard pile. And he drew one new card. "Draw your fresh hand before I make my next move."

Seinin watches his three cards that were sent to the graveyard. "Heh, with pleasure..." Seinin smirks as he draws three new cards. "Nice new hand, I think I'm satisfied."

"Next I activate my facedown card, monster reborn, to summon the Dark Magician Girl from the graveyard!" He said triumphantly, and the female magician appeared on the field, winking in Ahatake's direction. He grinned. "Next I activate Book of Secret Arts.

"Turn End!"

Oh no, this is why he activated Card Destruction. His monster is now the same as mine...what can I do now? Seinin thought as he looks at the two facedowns that were down on the field. "Here we go!" Seinin shouted as he drew his card.

He looks at the card and felt disappointed. Not this card...what bad timing that I drew this card. What else is there to do then? If I'm going to stall, then I'm going to have to do something...

"I set one monster to the field. Your move."

"I play Elemental Hero Bubbleman in attack mode!" Ahatake said. "And I lay one card facedown and end my turn."

"That's it? Fine then!" Seinin shouted as he drew his card. He contracts his eyes as he looks at the card. "I place one facedown into the field. And now..." Seinin looks up to his dragon. "Stardust Dragon, attack Elemental Hero Bubbleman with Cosmic Flare!" Just as he shouted it, the white dragon blasts out the same energy breath.

"You just triggered my trap card!" Ahatake said grinning. "Mirror Force!" A pure barrier surrounded Ahatake's side of the field, bouncing back the energy attack.

"I activate Stardust Dragon's effect one more time!" Seinin shouted. The blast hits Stardust Dragon, and he absorbs it. The white beast then completely turns white and dissipates. "And with that, I can negate your Mirror Force and destroy it!"

Ahatake did not look to fazed by the destruction of his very valuable trap.

"Next I activate Virus Cannon!" A small, cannon shaped machine appeared on his side of the field. "By sacrificing my Bubbleman, select one spell from your deck and discard it now!" Bubbleman disappeared as the cannon shot a blue beam of energy at the man's deck.

Seinin grunts as he watches his Synchro Boost equip spell sent to the graveyard. "Nice move...but, impress me more on your next turn. I end my turn." A blue warphole appears once again, and Stardust Dragon returned to the field.

Ahatake drew his next card and scowled. "Shit...not what I needed." He played it in facedown defense mode anyway. "Turn end."

Seinin drew his card and he felt a jump of excitement inside of him.

I can end this by the next turn! Seinin thought. "I summon out to the field, Nitro Synchron in attack mode!" Seinin shouted as he places a monster into the field. A nitro gas tank with a face, with two arms and legs comes out into the field. ATK/300 Lvl 2

"And now I'll flip Sonic Chick and Renge, Stonekeeper of Dark World into attack mode!" Just as he said, two monsters emerges from the facedowns. A pink chick with anime-like eyes emerges from the field. ATK/300 Lvl 1. Then a huge body-builder like person with menacing eyes comes from the field. ATK/100 Lvl 4.

"Next, I think I'll tune all three of my monsters! I use Nitro Synchron to tune with Sonic Chick and Renge, Stonekeeper of Dark World, in order to Synchro Summon, Nitro Warrior!" The liquidation meter on Nitro Synchron's head suddenly starts spinning incredibly fast. Steam blows out, and the monster disperses into 2 bright stars, which then turns into green circles. Circling around both Sonic Chick and Renge, Stonekeeper of Dark World, they both turn into 5 stars, all aligned in the green circles. A blast of light shoots through the green circles.

"Let's do this!" Seinin shouted as a huge beast comes out from the blast of light. With its red eyes, it thrusts out its hand and sends a blast of wind at Ahatake, startling him once again. ATK/2800 Lvl 7.

"And because of Nitro Synchron's special ability, if I use it to synchro summon a card with "Nitro" in it, I'm able to draw out one card!" Seinin shouted as he closes his eyes and puts his hand on the top of his deck. "HA!"

Drawing out the card, Seinin looks at it, and his eyes suddenly widened. This was the card that he couldn't possibly summon out to the field. He groans as he contracts his eyes, and he puts it in his hand. I can use this as last-resort...but this might blow him away...

"Next, I activate the spell card, The Warrior Returning Alive! This card allows me to bring a warrior-type monster from my graveyard back to my hand." Seinin announced as he picks up Junk Synchron from the graveyard of his duel disk. "Now then, Nitro Warrior, attack Dark Magician Girl with Blazing Fist!" Seinin shouted. Nitro Warrior's hands suddenly turned glowing red. It then dashes and thrusts out a punch right at the spellcaster. "Thanks to Nitro Warrior's special ability, if I activated a spell card earlier this turn, he gains 1000ATK points during the battle phase! This might hurt!" ATK/2800 -> 3800

Ahatake placed his hand on the deck. "I surrender. I can't beat you, and surrendering is better than having my Dark Magician Girl obliterated." His life points dropped to zero.

The field returns back to the same platform. "Well, that's definitely not like you. I thought you would play until the last card is played..." Seinin said as he puts all of his cards back into his deck. "But still, it was a good game and I enjoyed it."

Ahatake grinned. "I'm not one to let my Dark Magician Girl get destroyed." He explained, his duel disk returning to standby mode. "She's my favorite monster."

"Oh-ho, having a little affection for Dark Magician Girl just like how many other little boys do?" Seinin taunts and then he starts laughing. "Ha, don't worry. It's not like I was going serious on you, this whole time, I was going easy." Seinin then closes his eyes cheerfully and he puts a tongue.

"Oh shut up." Ahatake laughed as he walked in the other direction. "See ya next time Seinin."

"See ya." Seinin says as he walks to the exit of the platform.

THE END - Victor: Seinin Hanare