"Alright Dr. Crowler, let's duel!"
Frisk to Vellian Crowler before their duel starts.
Frisk Dreemurr




Sartorius (Father)
Rebecca Hawkins (Mother)
Sarina (Aunt)
Asgore Dreemurr (Adoptive Father)
Toriel Dreemurr (Adoptive Mother)
Asriel Dreemurr (Adoptive Brother)
Chara Dreemurr (Evil Persona)
Holactie the Creator of Light (Good Persona)

Dueling School

Duel Academy

Duel Rank

Ra Yellow (formally)
Obelisk Blue (formally)
Slifer Red

Most Used Card

Sans the Skeleton

Frisk Dreemurr is the main protagonist of the fanfiction story The Duelist of Mt. Ebbot (formally named Frisk the Duelist), Mt Ebbot vs the Society of Light, and Dimension World of Destruction. She was one of the 7 children to fall to the underground, in Mt. Ebbot, a mysterious mountain, that says any human have entered it, never returned. She managed to escape, and made some friends along the way, and managed to save Asriel Dreemurr from his ways. She also has a dark secret that was revealed at her duel against Chara Dreemurr.

In Dimension World of Destruction it was revealed that is she is Holactie the Creator of Light a being who was created when the Egyptian God Cards were fused.


Frisk is a great, and caring girl, though cries sometimes. She respects her opponents, except the ones that are really nasty, Chara for example. She always treat everyone, like they are her family. (Despite Flowey being harsh on her)


As her appearance, Frisk wears a purple, and black striped shirt, purple shorts, she has short brown hair, and tanned skin. In her Ra Yellow uniform, she has on a yellow blazer, a yellow skirt, and yellow boots, her Obelisk Blue one after she defeated Dr. Crowler is pretty much the same.



Frisk plays a Mt. Ebbot deck, which focuses on her archtype, she made through her friends, and everything she knows in the underground.

Mt. Ebbot

In her graduation duel, against Ichiro Koga, she, and Chazz made a Dreeton Deck for her to use. SHe used the good cards, and succeded.


In her duel against Yubel, and Chara with Jaden, and as Holactie she uses an Eygptian God/Mt Ebbot deck which calls the Eygptian Gods while having Mt Ebbot supports.


Frisk is a great duelist thanks to her friends helping her. But she sometimes gets cocky, and costed her the duels sometimes.

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Rebecca Hawkins Chapter 9 Lose (Flashback)
Yuzu Ichnose Chapter 1 Win
Chazz Princeton Chapter 2 Lose
Bastion Misawa Chapter 3 Win
Chara Dreemurr Chapter 4 Win
Chazz Princeton Chapter 5 DRAW
Vellian Crowler Chapter 6 Win
Chazz Princeton, Czar Chapter 7 Win (With Jaden Yuki)
Camula, Vladislaus Chapter 9 Lose (With Vellian Crowler)
Abidos The Third Chapter 18 Win
Anubis Chapter 19 Win (With Abidos The Third)
Fasha Chapter 20 Win
Chazz Princeton Chapter 22 Lose
Kagemaru, Pokey Chapters 23/24 Win (With Jaden Yuki)
Ichiro Koga Chapter 25 Win
Marek Kaiba Chapter 1 Win
Marek Kaiba Chapter 3 Lose
Sartorius Chapter 4 Lose
Jinzo Chapter 5 Win
Marek Kaiba Chapter 6 Win
Jean-Louis Bonaparte Chapter 7 Win
Howard X Miller Chapter 9 Win
Zane Truesdale Chapter 11 Lose
Prince Ojin Chapter 13 Win (Off-Screen) (Possessed by The Light of Destruction)
Jim Crocodile Cook Chapter 17 Lose (Possessed by The Light of Destruction)
Mai Valentine Chapter 18 Win
Ryou Bakura Chapter 22 Win
Jaden Yuki Chapter 23 Win
The Light of Destruction Chapter 24 Win (With Jaden Yuki)
Seto Kaiba Chapter 25 Win
Zane Truesdale Chapter 1 Win (Off-Screen)
Kitsuna Foxel Chapter 1 Win
Yuzu Ichnose Chapter 5 Win
Thelonius Viper Chapter 6 Win (With Jaden Yuki)
Yugi Muto Chapter 7 No Result
Marcel Bonaparte/Yubel Chapter 8 Win (With Jaden Yuki, Jesse Anderson, and Chara Dreemurr)
Snoww, Unlight of Dark World Chapter 9 Win
Brron, Mad King of Dark World Chapter 10 Win (Duel taken over by Chara Dreemurr)
Yubel, Chara Dreemurr Chapters 18/19 Win (With Jaden Yuki)
Zane Truesdale Chapters 20 Win
Yugi Muto Chapters 20 Lose


  • She is based on Frisk from the Indie Game Undertale.