Chazz duels Jaden's Supreme King counterpart. He uses a blue eyes deck.

Duel RecapEdit

Starts at 4000 Lifepoints

Chazz's turnEdit

  • Sets a Monster face-down
  • Sets a card face-down

Supreme King's turnEdit

  • Activates E-Emergency Call
  • Summons Elemental Hero Stratos (ATK: 1800)
  • Activates Dark Fusion, fusing Evil Hero Malicious Edge and Caius the Shadow Monarch in his hands to summon Evil Hero Malicious Fiend (ATK: 3500)
  • Attacks Chazz's face-down monster.
  • Chazz activates Mystic Tomato's effect.
  • Chazz activates face-down, Chthonian Blast, to destroy Elemental Hero Stratos (Chazz and Supreme King: 3100)
  • Chazz activates White Dragon Ritual to summon Paladin of White Dragon (ATK: 1900) and Ojama Yellow (ATK: 0)
  • Sets a card face-down

Chazz's turnEdit

  • Attacks Evil Hero Malicious Fiend
  • Sacrifices Paladin of White Dragon to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon (ATK: 3000)
  • Destroys Supreme King's face-down
  • Attacks Supreme King directly with Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Supreme King: 1600)
  • Attacks Supreme King directly again (Supreme King: 0)

Chazz wins