• Yamaya Motau

    A Kabia duel

    February 28, 2016 by Yamaya Motau

    It was raining hard. Yamaya was looking out the window for her BBBFF , Former KOG, Yugi Motou. The Puzzle around her neck revealed the sprit known as Yamilia , or Atama. " Still waiting? Shouldn't he be here already?" She asked . " Yeah. I'm worried about him. He's short for 19, so maybe ... " Yamaya stopped her sentence and started to shed tears. "Yamaya , he's not dea..." Atama's sentence was cut short when they heard voices. " Y'know Yug', I think that we shouldn't work at Kabia's anymore." "Why so, Joe?" "Because,... He's a snot-nosed brat." Yugi opened the door to his two-bedroom apartment that he shares with his little sister, TQOG (The Queen of games) . " Yugi!!!" Yamaya hugged him hard because he was perfectly built for this... "TO…

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  • Kazuko mutoh


    November 23, 2013 by Kazuko mutoh




    umm, lets see... DARK MAGICIAN and... this card called posiedra the atlantian dragon... hey... this posiedra IS FLIPPEN AWSOME!!!

    Kochi: mhehehehe, wanna duel, lozer?

                                    DUEL DATABASE: KOCHI SETO (or in japanese, seto kochi)

                                     Kochi is taken care of by his grandfather, Kaiba, after his dad and mom

                                    died in a plane wreck. he is now know as "The second king of games" by

                                    his peers, and picks on Kazuko constantly because of his bad d…

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    August 11, 2012 by JDUDE

    Hello, i am new here, as you can see. Is there any special rules? Also, are there any templates to write certain things, such as cards, stories, etc.?

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  • Insein101

    Hi, everybody :) I've been working on this story for a little while now, and I was hoping to get some feedback on it. This story, if on a timeline, would take place sometime after the Pyramid of Light movie, for reasons that will be obvious as you get further in the story :) There will be multiple pairings, such as BakuraxOC (My OC is Kushoku; I call their pairing Nightmareshipping), Spaceshipping/Crushshipping, and a couple other ones thrown in there as well.

    (Before I forget, here's the general summary for the story: After the death of his son, Anubis, Set is furious with those responsible. He creates his own minion and sends her to wreak havoc upon the world, the beginning of his revenge. The girl wanders the streets alone and confused,…

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  • PhotonCommander10

    Yu-Gi-Oh! EXEL

    December 31, 2011 by PhotonCommander10

    As you may have noticed, the first chapter of Yugioh EXEL has been posted. So I decided to created this blog as a sort of 'sneak peak' of the series.

    While EXEL also uses the concepts of XYZ and Synchro summon, it also uses a new concept of mine called Imperial Summon. It's going to appear in chapter 2.

    It will start around chapter 4 or 5, not sure yet. But it will have a surprising result. Tareku uses it to his advantage later on in the series.

    EXEL's true origins will be revealed at some point (not sure when). It will be a pretty big plot twist, (surprised myself).

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  • Obito Sigma


    December 30, 2011 by Obito Sigma

    Sorry I havn't been on in a while. I was busy at BTFF writing my other series. I now reconize you Tennat, I got an e-mail saying my rights have been changed here. I'll start making the chapters I have created. Maybe I'll try getting more users here. Thank you, I hope you'll enjoy my stories.

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  • Yaem

    my story and name

    February 28, 2011 by Yaem

    I have started a story and it can be viewed here. Oh and if your wondering my name is a combo of Yami and Atem.

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  • PhotonCommander10

    In either the second half of the first volume, or the beginning of the second volume of Yu-Gi-Oh! Darkness, I'm planning on introducing a second prophecy (the first being the Prophecy of Time). It will involve Max, Vice and Bolt. But for it, I need three Dark-type cards. I'd prefer a mixture of types, like one warrior, one dragon and one magician. Get it?

    Post your ideas!

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  • PhotonCommander10

    Okay, the creator of the character will make the move for the character in a comment box. Each player will start with 4000 LP. The winner will be rewarded with the knowledge their character is the best duelist of the two.

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  • PhotonCommander10

    This is where you can ask questions about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Darkness series.

    • No future questions (Eg. What will happen at the end of the Chaos arc? What happened to Trueman? Etc.)
    • No questions about people's history. (If it's important, it'll be put into that character's article)

    Other than that, go for it!

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  • PhotonCommander10

    I'm back, and this time I PROMISE to be more active. I've already returned to editing Yu-Gi-Oh! Darkness-related articles.

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  • Rai Versoza

    New Kittens :D

    August 24, 2010 by Rai Versoza

    I know this isn't exactly related to YuGiOh, but I want to share it with you guys.

    Recently, we received a box full of 8 kittens. Still very small and vulnerable so we raised them :D By the time they can finally open their eyes, we named them with Russian and German names...

    1. Rosska
    2. Putin
    3. Lenin
    4. Stalin
    5. Leningrad
    6. Kremlin
    7. Noka
    8. Romanov

    Also, they started to cuddle next to me every night. Crawling into my jacket or PJ and just fall asleep inside. Good thing I dont move that much... anyways, that's all i got to say for now.

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  • The-Psychid

    I don't believe it. This very Wikia is inactive. AGAIN. DX

    You know, I kind of joined this Wiki sometime in early January of 2010, and I quickly quit the Wiki because it was being terribly inactive. But after seeing some activity happening in June of the same year, I quickly re-joined the Wiki. Heck, I even became an administrator along with two others, and even posted a story, for crying out loud!

    But after seeing more inactivity again... I have once again started to lose hope for the Wiki...

    Don't get me wrong, people; it's not like I'm suddenly going to leave this Wiki or anything. Really, I enjoy this Wiki. It's just that we can be as popular as other Wikis, namely the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Maker Wiki, and even the Total Dra…

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  • Rasengan888

    Creating RP Forum

    July 11, 2010 by Rasengan888

    I've found the perfect idea. I'm going to be creating an RP forum that'll be linking to this wikia. The RP forum that'll be used over there will be used only for RPing and such. Creating characters, having rules and such over there, and then if they want to duel, they use the wikia over here just to duel! Then, they can copy and paste their duel into the topic that they were RPing on and we grade them to give them "Dueling Points"! There's a lot more information as I am creating the rules for this after all. I hope you can consider this as a good idea. --Rasengan888 (talk|Userpage)(Editor and RPer) 22:52, July 11, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Rasengan888


    June 29, 2010 by Rasengan888

    (Editor and RPer) 14:36, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Rasengan888


    June 29, 2010 by Rasengan888

    Right then, do you see the above left in this wiki thing? It's completely empty, and yes, I want a new picture for that. Plus, I need to know how to change the skins for this thing. So then, any ideas for pictures? Plus, I need a gallery of them, then, we'll start voting. Kay? And yes, I'm specifically looking at you Psychid and Yami to search up some images. --Rasengan888 (talk|Userpage)(Editor and RPer) 13:49, June 29, 2010 (UTC)

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  • The-Psychid

    Two more templates!

    June 27, 2010 by The-Psychid

    Hello, everyone! Psychid here, again!

    Just so you know, I've added two more templates to the Wiki! ISN'T THAT JUST AMAZING? =D

    Thanks to these templates, now you can show other authors the stories you have currently written, along with the stories written by other authors on this Wiki that you enjoy! Here is the coding for such templates I've just created. Once again, please note that what you are about to see is the coding of the templates I have created, along with the result of such coding entered:

    '] for letting me do this. You rock, man! =D

    Let me know what you think! =3

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  • Rasengan888

    Admin-Sign up Blog

    June 25, 2010 by Rasengan888

    Right then, I've contacted the Wikia about the adminship here. The link: Ygo FanFic Admin. Now then, I've requested myself to be the admin and bureaucrat, but, quite frankly, Tennantfan, Psychid, and me have been quite the active one here. So, I think all three of us should be bureaucrats and admins as a result. Once the three of you agree to this, all reply. After this, we can clean up and make use of this wikia now. --Rasengan888 (talk|Userpage)(Editor and RPer) 14:24, June 25, 2010 (UTC)

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  • The-Psychid

    Whatever it Takes

    June 23, 2010 by The-Psychid

    Hello. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Psychid, and I kind of joined the Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction Wiki sometime in early January of 2010. Unfortunately, I left this Wiki because it was kind of being pretty inactive. However, sometime in June 2010 (being the same month as I am writing this blog), I have begun to see some kind of activity. So I though that I might as well return. =D

    But even if I'm back, this Wiki doesn't seem to be very popular, much like any others. Fortunately, I am one to try and popularize something that isn't much popular to begin with. A perfect example, in this case, would be this Wiki: the Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction Wiki. Such things I plan on doing, and it is the same thing I have done earlier today, is create new…

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