Akar Mered with his Dragon Amulet

Akar Mered is one of the 7 Soul Amulet Bearers.His Amulet represents the Dragon and is the most powerfull item of those.His Amulet is possesed by evil demon Zet.Zet plots to obtain all 7 charms so he could complete the Soul Stone.Zet is powerfull and his powers range from fire-controlling to even crossing into Shadow Realm when he saved Bonz because he found out that Bonz is the bearer of Skull Amulet,representation of Death.Zet manipulates Bonz into joining Akar,but erases his memories of Shadow Realm.Akar and Bonz becomes partners and they work together to obtain their lost cards.

Akar is represented as a shady figure,wearing black robes and hood.His hair is black and his eyes are grey.His face is hidden most of the time and his Amulet is invisible while he supresses the demon.When he duels he becomes one with Zet and his eyes are changed to red.That is also said for his hair but it is hardly visible because he wears hood.Amulet is shown hanging around his neck and silver dragon sometimes glows red,usually when Zet uses his dark powers.

Akar was raised in Egypt,by his father,the royal scribe.His mother died while giving birth to his younger sister Layla.Akar was innocent boy with a desire to become the master of Duel Monsters,the unknown beings that he saw on his father's inscriptions and stone tablets.He sneaked out one night and ran away from his house and his strict father.He ran into Anon,the keeper of Soul Amulets.Anon sensed the great powers withing a young boy and decided to give him Dragon Amulet,the last Amulet that wasn't stolen.

Akar later learned how to use Dragon Amulet,but he also awoke the great evil that rested in the charm.Powerfull demon Zet merged his mind with the mind of Akar and he uses his body to accomplish his goal,reviving the Old Shadow lord Sheut-Ba,but he needs all 7 Amulets to do this.

Akar ( عكار ) can be translated as:




He often uses his alias: Viper,one of possible translations of his name,when he duels. Akar uses slightly changed version of "Hopeless Dragon Deck" comprised of Dragon Monsters which are Summoned by alternative means.His signature card is "Five-Headed Dragon" which is summoned by "Future Fusion".Nearly all of his Monster Cards are Dark-type.

Akar's deck
Monsters Traps Spells Light and Darkness Dragon Bottomless Trap Hole Allure of Darkness
Armageddon Knight Call of the Haunted Lightning Vortex
Dark Armed Dragon Dark Bribe D.D.R.-Different Dimension Reincarnation
Dark Grepher x2 Starlight Road Foolish Burial
Dark Horus Mirror Force Future Fusion
Darklord Zerato Royal Decree x3 Hand Destruction
Morphing Jar Hidden Armory
Phantom of Chaos Monster Reborn
Plaugespreader Zombie Trade-In
Prime Material Dragon Gold Sarcophagus
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Axe of Despair x2
Red-Eyes Wyvern The Flute of Summoning Dragon
Sky Scourge Norleras
The Dark Creator
Red-Eyes B. Chick
Red-Eyes B. Dragon x2
Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon
Lord of the D.